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What We Do

We provide flexible learning options for those seeking team building and leadership development by creating an experiential and fun learning environment.

Our interactive workshops utilize critical thinking, problem solving, emotional intelligence and decision making to aid in retention.

We offer interactive solutions for leadership and team development by utilizing the unique technique of experiential learning.
Our mission at Stage Your Change 
is to offer award-winning virtual and in-person programs that cater to professionals and leaders around the world.


Emotional Intelligence Workshops
Learn the key elements of emotional intelligence

Deep dive into emotional intelligence and how to incorporate it into everyday life. We custom make the workshops to fit the needs of your team creating a fun, experiential experience.

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Team Building Workshops
Build trust, teamwork, focus and fun

Custom built workshops specific to your team's needs. "Learn by doing" is our motto. Your team will be interacting, problem solving and having fun while learning new methods of brainstorming and team building.

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Acting Workshops
Supporting professional actors in their craft

For those just starting out or seasoned professionals, all our classes and workshops foster community, professionalism, and artistic satisfaction.

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DaVinci Academy

This workshop and exercise was way outside of my comfort zone, initially I wanted it to be over in 15 minutes (not knowing what's ahead is scary, especially when something is so far outside of your wheelhouse). But as time went on, the discomfort started to lessen making it easier and easier to be fully engaged and embrace the workshop activities and be open to what the workshop was intended to teach us.

Thanks so much for the training! It was amazing and everyone seems really excited about using these new skills in the future!

Mari Mansfield
MN Immigrant Rights Action Committee