Team Building Workshops

Take a couple hours and focus on your team! Build trust, teamwork, and focus whilst having fun!

These workshops focus on emotional intelligence & leadership skills while building teamwork, brainstorming, camaraderie and trust.

At work, play has been found to speed up learning, enhance productivity and increase job satisfaction.* These workshops use informative and fun improv exercises to increase motivational levels to accelerate participants' learning and retention.

This workshop is for organizations who want to:

  1. Build a stronger team
  2. Learn new brainstorming methods
  3. Reward your team
  4. Offer a fun way to upskill your workforce

These workshops are great for any team but can be especially useful for new, stagnant or teams in high stress environments.

Workshop location:
In Person
*Source: Play Is Important for Adults, Too    — Hartford Courant