Improv Workshops

The phrase "follow your feet" 
is used to describe that nudge an improvisor gets to step on to the stage.

A feeling in your gut that often times results in your feet stepping forward before your brain catches up. It's a mindset that can be taught and used in everyday life.

On stage, improvisors are at their best when they follow their feet into the unknown. Improvisors are great at quieting the voice in their heads that says "Stop! Fear it, you might fail, it might be terrible." and instead say "F it, I'm going for it, and it could be great, and it could also be terrible, either way, I won't know unless I go for it!"

This concept is not just for actors! Everyone can benefit from following their feet. Our Improv workshops are not just for performers, its for anyone that wants to try something new, get out of their comfort zone a bit, learn how to master living in the unknown space and not always having the answers. Plus, have a little fun whilst doing it!

Follow Your Feet Improv Workshops teach the fundamentals of improv including thinking on your feet, active listening and how to fail with grace and laughter!

Workshop location:
In Person